unsightly and unpleasant vein problems

I would encourage anybody who is considering treatment for unsightly and unpleasant vein problems to book an appointment with Mr Tiwari. I made the initial phone-call and my consultation options were discussed directly with Mr Tiwari . A subsequent leg scan and consultation was booked and the relevant treatment followed. Mr Tiwari has a kind and gentle direct manner which immediately puts you at ease both during the consultation and treatment. The actual sclerotherapy treatment wasn’t unpleasant or painful at all and there was only a sensation of slight pressure when what appeared to be the finest of needles and injections were used. The treatment was speedily and efficiently done, the pressure stockings and bandages were applied and aftercare was discussed with the option to ring about any concerns I might have. There was very minimal bruising and sensitivity after the treatment and the veins are no longer visible at all.