Suffering with varicose veins

I had been suffering with varicose veins in both my legs for a number of years. This led to discomfort and prevented me from doing the sports I enjoyed. Over time this got worse leading to one of the damaged veins bursting when I knocked it. From the first time we met Mr Tiwari was exceptionally reassuring. I was very anxious about vascular surgery having had some work done on my legs 15 years ago which left me in real pain for months during recovery. Mr Tiwari reassured me that treatments had improved and I would see a real improvement and much less uncomfortable post operative process. I had an ablation to the long and short saphenous vein and avulsions to my right leg, followed by left leg sclerotherapy. The operation was straightforward; Mr Tiwari explained everything and made me feel completely at ease. The recovery was straightforward and speedy – so much so I did not even need to take pain killers! Mr Tiwari went out of his way to reassure me, and his post operative care was excellent. I can highly recommend Mr Tiwari for his surgical skills and also his kindness and patient care.